Larry Ellison Seacliff Newport RI

Wait, did Oracle billionaire Larry Ellison just buy Seacliff for $11 Million???

It looks like Oracle Billionaire Larry Ellison has purchased the ‘Seacliff’, the mansion located at 562 Bellevue Avenue. Newport property records show that Seacliff was purchased by Carbonview Limited, LCC in late January for $11,000,000. Carbonview Limited, LLC reportedly has ties to the tech titan whose estimated net worth is a whopping $62 billion. Seacliff was previously owned by Peter Madden, the former president of State Street Bank.

Interestingly enough, Seacliff is located next door to Beechwood, the former Astor family homestead, which Ellison purchased for $10.5 million in 2010. Ellison spent $100,000,000 renovating the mansion and has plans to open it as a museum to display his massive art collection.

No word on Mr. Ellison’s plans for Seacliff.

Seacliff Newport RI Larry Ellison

So once again, welcome to the neighborhood, Larry. A couple of tips: Around here we drink Newport Craft, buck-a-shuck raw bar is at Tavern on Broadway every Wednesday from noon till 10pm, and on Sundays we go to Gurney’s! Why? Don’t ask why, it’s just what you do.

Also, if you need any work done on the new place, make sure you reach out to A1 Roofing and Construction.