Samuel L. Jackson took to Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday to read Stay the Fuck at Home, a new version of the classic children’s book Go the Fuck to Sleep written by Adam Mansbach to remind us all that during the COVID-19 crisis our best bet is to socially distance and stay at home.

Mr. Jackson also did the audio book narration for Go the Fuck to Sleep iwhich made a splash among cool parents in 2011.

“Stay the fuck at home. Corona is spreading, this shit is no joke,” Jackson read. “It’s no time to work or roam. The way you can fight it is simple my friends, stay the fuck at home. Now technically I’m not a doctor. But motherfuckers listen when I read a poem. So here I am, Sam Fucking Jackson, imploring you: Keep your ass at home. If you want things to get back to normal, don’t panic. Just use your dome. Wash your hands, stop touching your face and stay the fuck at home.”


“Motherfucker it’s no time to gamble, look around, you’re not at a casino. Just stay the fuck home as if your name is Trenton Quarantino. Sure, you can still see your friends. Use the motherfucking app on your phone. But unless you just ran out of groceries, please! Stay the fuck at home!”