Three 25 foot sharks spotted 200 yards off Cape Cod beach.

Summer’s here and that means it’s shark season again!

Last week, a Massachusetts State Police helicopter captured this video of three 25′ basking sharks swimming 200 yards off the beach in Wellfleet.

But have no fear, basking sharks are harmless to humans. They are often mistaken for great white sharks due to their size. The basking shark is a passive feeder, filtering zooplankton, small fish, and invertebrates from up to 2,000 tons of water per hour. They feed at or close to the surface with their mouths wide open and gill rakers erect.

basking shark cape cod

he’s so cute!!!

Don’t worry, the great whites will be back soon. Remember last summer when a great white attacked two women in a kayak 100 yards off Manomet Point? Yea, now that was scary!!!


10 Most Expensive Homes For Sale In Newport

Newport, RI has some of the most beautiful properties in the entire country. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Homes in Newport, RI



The Best of Newport Buzz: May 18th – 24th


It was a busy week here around Newport, RI. We said goodbye to the Volvo Ocean Racers, the Preservation Society fired back at the Vanderbilts, a boat sank in Newport Harbor and the Newport Folk Fest made a huge announcement with word that Roger Waters would headline the Friday lineup.

Here are our Top 10 most widely read posts of the week.

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  2. Team Alvimedica Shares Some Thoughts On Leaving Newport
  3. Hertz Rental Car Property on Broadway Offered For Sale
  4. Traffic will now be one-way on a portion of Broadway
  5. Boat Sinks During Wednesday Night Shields Racing Series
  6. 2015 Newport Folk Festival Lineup
  7. 2015 Newport International Polo Series Schedule
  8. ABC names Newport Top 8 most adorable beach town
  9. A summertime of fun. Get your Newport Bingo card!!!
  10. Tennis Hall of Fame Grand Re-opening

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Breaking News, Stop The Presses! – Tom Brady has a new dog

Does this look like the face of someone who is worried about Roger Goodell and his crooked investigation? I think not!

Brilliant power move by Brady to get this cute little pup. This dog is too cute to hate on Tom. Greatest QB of all time, greatest dad, greatest husband and now greatest pet owner ever.  Once again, it’s Tom Brady’s world and we all just live in it.

GOAT all around!

Everyone say hello to Scooby. He now lives a better life than each and every one of us.

Scooby Brady Tom Brady dog



Kinsale Rugby and Newport Rugby continue long association

A delegation from Newport, consisting of former Senator David Kerins, former Councilman Rick O’Neill, former Mayor Harry Winthrop, and Newport Fire Captain Paul Faerber, travelled to Kinsale, Ireland to attend the Kinsale Rugby 7’s Tournament on May 2nd and 3rd.

The tournament is regarded as one of the top 7’s tournaments in the world and featured over 80 teams from all over Europe.

The delegation was hosted by tournament director and former Kinsale Mayor Tomas O’Brien and assistant tournament director and former president of the Kinsale Rugby Club Eoin O’Callahan.

O’Brien and O’Callahan presented the delegation with a commemorative tournament ball to be given to Newport Rugby Club President Chris Behan and team captain Philip Behan. On Saturday, at a special ceremony held at Hibernian Hall, the delegation presented the ball and well wishes from our good friends in Kinsale.

Newport Kinsale

Senator David Kerins, Mayor Harry Winthrop, President Chris Behan, Team Captain Philip Behan, Councilman Rick O’Neill, Fire Captain Paul Faerber