Newport Councilor David Carlin Expresses Disappointment with Easton’s Beach Demolition Plan

The Newport City Council recently greenlit a proposal to demolish structures at Easton’s Beach, a decision that saw Councilor David R. Carlin III as the sole dissenter.

Carlin voiced his opposition to the move, citing numerous concerns about its potential impact on beachgoers and the absence of a comprehensive strategy for replacement and minimal inconvenience.

Here’s Carlin’s statement:

A few weeks ago the Newport City Council voted to essentially tear down everything but the bathhouses at Easton’s Beach. I was the only NO vote.

Why did I vote against this action? For a few reasons.

  • Countless Newporters and out-of-towners enjoy the beach each summer. The demolition
    of these structures will be a significant summertime displeasure for them.
  • Not only will the carousel and snack shack be gone, but according to the Council action
    the bathhouses, though still standing, will not be available for use in 2024.
  • Why didn’t we act at the end of the 2023 season? Or why don’t we wait till the end of
    the 2024 season?
  • What plan do we have to replace the structures being torn down?
  • What provision have we made to allow beach-goers to purchase food?
  • Do we have a plan to provide restroom facilities for beach-goers?
  • Why can’t we simply repair the deficient facilities? Why do we have to tear everything
    down and start from scratch?

In general, this is the result of poor planning. The City should have seen this coming. During the last two or three years it should have developed a rational plan for beach improvement—that is, a plan that would have inconvenienced beach-goers in a minimal way.

David R. Carlin III
Newport Councilor, Third Ward




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