Providence, RI ranks as the 7th most “hipster” city in America, according to a recent report released by InfoGroup.

“Providence, also known as the “Divine City”, comes in seventh place on our hip cities. It is no wonder that this city has a hipster vibe as tattoo parlors make up 24 percent of all business of interest. Music and live entertainment and coffee shops each account for 19 percent. As the home of Brown University, Providence attracts students from around the country who are looking to get an Ivy League education while fueling their hipster soul — think Pulitzer Prize winning writers at the cafeteria’s Meatless Mondays. The numbers also show that thrift shops make up 13 percent of hipster-related businesses and bicycle dealers 9 percent. In this case, school is very cool.”

Seattle took to top spot followed by Portland, Denver, Sacramento, Grand Rapids and San Diego.