A1 Roofing & Construction Builds Free Roof for Widowed Middletown Senior Citizen

As part of their partnership with rebuilding Together, A1 Roofing & Construction has donated and built a free roof for rose, an 89 year-old Middletown widow.

“First and foremost we would like to thank Rebuilding Together and Susan McCoy, the Chairwoman of the Board of Directors for the Greater Newport chapter, for all the great work they do for our communities,” said Sean Napolitano, president of A1 Roofing and Construction.

Rebuilding Together is the nation’s largest volunteer organization preserving and revitalizing low-income houses and communities. Using donated labor, supplies, and building materials, they perform critical and strategic home repairs free of charge to those who can not afford the expense and are physically unable to do the work. They focus on safety and emergency repairs, home modifications for aging-in-place, veteran’s projects, and energy efficiency. They encourage homeowners and their families to work alongside us so that everyone shares an investment in community pride, safety, and well being.

“For the last couple of years we have partnered with them on various projects that provided us with a great sense of purpose and joy,” Napolitano continued. “This year, we partnered on a Middletown home in desperate need of TLC. The homeowner, Rose, is 89 years young and has lived in her home for 55 years. Without help from the community, she would have been forced to leave her home due to a lack of financial resources for necessary maintenance and renovations. She has been widowed 13 years and only wishes to stay in her home as long as she can.”

“It was our pleasure to team up with Rebuilding Together and GAF Shingles to provide Rose with a new roof and dumpster service for the ongoing project. It is our goal to be of continued service to our community and to inspire others to help where they can as well.”