Allie’s Donuts Cancels Police and Military Discounts

Allie’s Donuts in North Kingston has announced that they will no longer offer discounts to police and military personnel according to a posting on their Instagram story.

“A note to the officer who profiled the Providence firefighter the other night: That is an example of terrible job performance. If you were an athlete you’d be cut from your team. If you were our employee, we would fire you immediately. But, you are a police officer. And despite being the ones responsible for protecting the law, you may be considered ‘above it’ & face ZERO consequences for your mistakes.”

The donut shop continued, “We’re fed up. Until local police takes action to solve problems with racism & injustice, Allie’s Donuts will choose to stand with the people of our great state. We will no longer offer military or police discounts. Thank you for your service, and shame on you for your silence.”

Providence firefighter Terrell Paci told NBC 10 News he became the victim of racial profiling while in uniform this week outside of the Messer Street fire station, where he works. He said police drew their guns and claimed Paci matched the description of a suspect reportedly seen waving a gun nearby.