Newport Pell Bridge Sunset

Best of Newport Buzz: June 15th – June 21st

In case you missed anything and want to catch up on the news and what’s buzzing around Newport, RI, here are our top posts from the past week.

  1. Parents of 5 die in North Kingstown motorcycle crash
  2. Newport Bingo Bucket List
  3. Great video of a great white feasting on a whale off of Long Island
  4. Police have issued an arrest warrant for 19-year-old Zackary Alvarado for shooting four people
  5. (Video) Mr. Kraft and Tom Brady turnt up and breaking it down at the ring ceremony afterparty!
  6. Is Broadway Newport’s Newest Beach?
  7. Rhode Islanders have $300 million in unclaimed property. Search now!
  8. Ruggles, the premier East Coast big wave break!
  9. How To Recognize and Avoid Rip Currents
  10. Bob Dylan Goes Electric at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival

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