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Best Weekend Events in Newport, RI: Labor Day Weekend Edition

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First things first, the pavilion at Newport Craft is open every day from noon till 8pm  (10pm on Friday) with beers on tab, spirits, canned cocktails, lawn games etc. It’s a really fun party!



 Audrain Automobile Museum is open daily from 10am to 4pm


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Spin class anyone?

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Weekend Lineup


The Deck: Brian Scott (12-3), Randy Robbins, Dave Flamand (6-9), Tama Giard (9-close)

The Reef: Orange Whip (8-11pm)

Gurney’s: Yacht Club Rejects(6-9pm)

La Forge: Piano Bar with Dave Manuel (7-11pm) 

Dockside: Spiffy’s party (9-1am)

Newport Blues Cafe: Those Guys (10pm)


The Deck:  Sean Rivers (3-6), The Inn Keepers (6-9),  Spiffy’s Party (9-close), Michael Johnson Jazz (inside 9-12)

The Reef: Matt Walker (8pm – 11pm)

Gurney’s: Mark McGrath (6-9pm)

La Forge: Piano Bar with Dave Manuel (7-11pm) 

Dockside: Chopville (8pm – 12am),  Never in Vegas (10pm – 1am)

Newport Blues Cafe: Darik and the Funbags (10pm)


The Deck: Sean Rivers (1-3pm) The Royal Furs(3-6pm), DJ Abbey (6-12am)  

The Reef: Copacetics (5-8pm)

Gurney’s: C Note Missionaries (6-9pm) 

Newport Blues Cafe:Fever (10pm) 


Gurney’s: The Ravers (4-7pm)