Griswold’s Tavern is closing its doors after 34 years due to the coronavirus pandemic. The closure was announced Thursday in a Facebook post by owner Jay Madden.

Griswold’s Tavern which was named after the Griswold estate, known as the Art Association, was started on April 6, 1986. like most businesses that survived for thirty four years, time just flies by. It feels as if it were yesterday that we had our opening party. I was hoping to make it to thirty five years but unfortunately the virus that attacked us all hit me extremely hard. Sadly, I decided to close the door for the final time on April 30. I always had it set in my mind how I would end Griswold’s run, but this scenario was never imagined

I just want to thank my three families that were with me through all these years. First my immediate family who stood by me even when times were not the best or when I was forced to miss out on a family event. Second is the family that I worked with. These are my friends who always made sure that my best interest always came first. They always made that if I were not at the restaurant Griswold’s would be run as if I were. Third are my family of friends who I was so lucky to meet over all the years. Many would say that Griswold’s reminded them of Cheers “where everyone knows your name”.

We all had many laughs together and occasionally a few tears. There were a lot of great games watched, fun parties and some tragedies that we shared together as one. I think this is what will be missed most by me.

We did have some fun through the years. I only wish I had one last dance with all of you in person. I hope this virus ends soon and that all of you stay safe.

I will miss opening my doors to all of you.