Dear Salve Regina Students: Now is the time to step your game up!

Dear Salve Regina students*:

Listen, I hate to do this and it gives me no pleasure, but it’s time that you Salve Regina University students step up your game, act like you attend an institution of higher learning and act like you’re still not in High School. I mean it was fine when you were Salve Regina College, but now you’re a UNIVERSITY and as such you’re expected at act as one.

Earlier today, the Princeton Review dropped the list of the most pot smoking schools in the country and the University of Rhode Island came in Number THREE (Go Rams!) while the lowly Salve Seahawks didn’t even crack the Top 20.


Not even the Top 20??? WTF are you guys doing over there? For real, what are you doing?


And here’s the deal; before Playboy stopped doing the Best Party Schools in the America in 2006, you know who was always at or near the top of that list? That’s right, Your big brother, the University of Rhode Island.

URI has led by example for long enough. It’s time for you to step up your game, Salve.


I mean this is what was said about URI when they won the prestigious Best Party School in America.

Arguably the number one party school on the east coast. The University of Rhode Island was originally listed as the number one party school on Playboy’s top party school list. However, Playboy felt it was unfair to continuing ranking professionals with amateurs and removed URI from the list permanently.
“We find that it is unfair to list professionals (University of Rhode Island) among amateurs.” – Playboy Magazine
So please, Salve students, stop being the underachieving little brother and start carrying your weight around these parts.


Come on guys. You live in Newport, RI. A drinking town with a sailing problem. This isn’t rocket science!
*disregard this entire note if you’re under 21.