I want to go on record right now and refute Kylie McCollough’s vicious and unprovoked attack on me for suggesting that I’m starring in a new movie with Shania Twain!

I mean, here I am just minding my own damn business when this Facebook notification comes through about ‘Trading Paint’, starring John Travolta and Shania Twain (in theaters this Friday!)

I was so shellshocked by Kylie’s cruel and mean spirited attack that it has taken me two days to find my voice and speak out against this textbook case of cyberbullying.

Who is Kylie McCollough, you ask? Well aside from being one of the top real estate agents in the entire country and the star of Bravo’s ‘Real Estate Wars‘, Kylie also opens champagne bottles like this!


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Sabering fail with @kyliemccollough . . #sabering #fail #veuveclicquot #newportri #newportbuzz #newportpolo

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How anyone could take the word of someone with such disdain for champagne is beyond me!

I’m happy  to finally clear the air and hope we can put this unfortunate incident behind us! 

Christian Winthrop

not John Travolta

PS – If I didn’t look so damn handsome with this beard, I’d totally shave it!

PPS – I would like to thank my dear friend and favorite ghost hunter Amy Bruni, star of ‘Kindred Spirits‘ (watch on the Travel Channel every Thursday at 10pm), for her kind words and support during this most difficult time!

Christian Winthrop