“Making Middletown Marvelous” — Melody Mulcahey

Whenever launching a new feature like “Making Middletown Marvelous,” there’s always a certain amount of uncertainty.

Will people get it? Is there interest? What if people are too busy to fill out the form at https://mdl.town/Marvelous online?

But then the nominations for Melody Mulcahey started flowing in and the rest is history.

Officially, Mulcahey is the first nominee for the new feature “Making Middletown Marvelous” and the Town of Middletown couldn’t think of a better selection.

Described as a “great person” who goes above and beyond for the community and its residents, Mulcahey runs a “Middletown RI Residents” page on Facebook. There, Mulcahey posts news items about Middletown, often including information from the Town’s website MiddletownRI.com.

But that’s not all. Need a job? Mulcahey is known to reach out and try to help. How about an apartment or a place to live or someone to plow a driveway or mow the lawn? Mulcahey’s got your back.

Informed that she’s was the first “Marvelous” nominee, true to form, Mulcahey greeted the news with a smile, thanks and excitement.

Asked why she gives back so much to Middletown, Mulcahey said the answer was simple — her daughter Cynthia, a seventh grader at Gaudet Middle School and son Aiden, a kindergartener at Aquidneck Elementary School.

“My kids are the reason I do everything,” Mulcahey said. “I want them to grow up in a place they are proud of and I want to show them they have the ability to create the lives they want also.”

Others said Mulcahey has impacted them in a positive way and she’s always delivers.

Another pointed to Mulcahey’s work “marketing” not just Middletown, but Aquidneck Island for years. Whether it’s her “Family Bingo” nights to school fundraisers, organizing community events and so much more, Mulcahey showcases the giving spirit and best that Middletown has to offer.

“When I need something, I always reach out to (Melody) and she never disappoints me,” one person said.

In response, Mulcahey said she was proud to be making such a positive difference in the community.

“Middletown is such a beautiful, unique and special place and I just want to share with as many people as possible all of the great things we have to offer,” Mulcahey said.



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