Massachusetts and Rhode Island Named Best States for Working Moms

In a recent WalletHub study, Massachusetts claims the top spot while Rhode Island emerges as the second-best state for working mothers. This sheds light on the diverse dynamics and support systems for women in the U.S. workforce.

Women make up nearly half of the U.S. workforce, and 74% of moms with children under 18 years old were working in 2023. Despite their significant presence, working moms still face hurdles in the workplace, with women’s average hourly wage standing at only 82% of what men make, and just 10.4% of S&P 500 companies’ chief executives being women.

To address these challenges, WalletHub conducted an extensive analysis of state dynamics across 17 key metrics to determine the Best & Worst States for Working Moms. Variations in parental leave policies, legal support systems, and infrastructure quality, including access to affordable daycare and the standard of public schools, were evident across states.

Massachusetts’s stellar performance is attributed to various factors. Notably, the state boasts one of the lowest unemployment rates for women, standing at just 2.8% last year. Moreover, Massachusetts offers robust parental leave policies, ensuring women can take adequate time off upon childbirth.

Working mothers in Massachusetts also benefit from relatively shorter workweeks, with the average woman clocking around 35.5 hours per week. Additionally, the state’s supportive environment for remote work enables mothers to balance professional responsibilities with childcare duties effectively.

Furthermore, Massachusetts excels in education, boasting the best public school system in the country, addressing a significant concern for mothers regarding their children’s educational opportunities.

Meanwhile, Rhode Island’s second-place ranking underscores its commitment to supporting working mothers. The state’s strengths lie in its gender pay equity, robust parental leave policies, and relatively low female unemployment rate. Though there are areas for improvement, such as daycare quality and median women’s salary adjusted for the cost of living, Rhode Island’s performance showcases its dedication to creating a conducive environment for working mothers.

Overall, Massachusetts and Rhode Island set exemplary standards for supporting working mothers, underscoring the importance of inclusive policies and infrastructure to empower women in the workforce nationwide.


Source: WalletHub







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