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Newport Man Arrested After Overnight Crime Spree Involving Carey Mansion Arson, Carjacking, and Felony Assault

In the early hours of February 28, 2024, Newport was shaken by a series of crimes that involved a carjacking, arson, assault, and vandalism. Newport Police Officers responded to a distress call around 12:14 a.m., reporting an ongoing carjacking at 518 Bellevue Avenue.

The incident unfolded when the suspect, identified as 25-year-old Foster Krupa of 80 Annandale Ave #1, Newport, pointed a fishing spear at a female victim, forcing her out of the vehicle. The victim dialed 911, providing a description of her car. Officers later located the vehicle on Wickham Road near Brenton Road, abandoned and displaying significant front-end damage.

Upon searching the vicinity, officers apprehended Krupa near the crash site. However, the arrest didn’t transpire without a struggle, resulting in two officers sustaining minor injuries.

Simultaneously, the Newport Fire Department responded to a sprinkler alarm for Carey Mansion at 207 Ruggles Avenue. Upon arrival, they discovered multiple fires in the basement, subsequently extinguishing them. The Newport Fire Marshal, deeming the incident as arson, handed over the investigation to the Rhode Island State Fire Marshal.

As the Newport Police Department delved into the carjacking, they uncovered several cases of vehicle vandalism in the parking lot of 206 Ruggles Avenue. Subsequent investigations linked Krupa to all the crimes, leading to a slew of charges against him.

Foster Krupa now faces serious felony charges, including robbery, arson, breaking and entering, two counts of felony assault, and larceny exceeding $1,500. In addition to these felonies, he is charged with five counts of vandalism, two counts of simple assault, resisting arrest, and duty to stop in an accident involving a motor vehicle, all classified as misdemeanors.

Krupa was arraigned in Newport District Court at 9:00 a.m. Wednesday and was held without bail. The investigation remains ongoing as law enforcement seeks to unravel the full extent of the crimes committed by the suspect.




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