Tanya Donelly

Newport’s Tanya Donelly drops a new release with the Parkington Sisters today

Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters on Friday released the second single from their forthcoming album of covers, “You Will Be Loved Again.” Written by Mary Margaret O’Hara, the song was featured on her full-length album Miss America (Virgin, 1988).
“I first heard Mary Margaret O’Hara on the Throwing Muses tour bus in 1988,” recalls Donelly. “When Ivo from 4AD gave us a cassette of her album Miss America ~ we instantly fell in love, and it’s my favorite to this day. ‘You Will Be Loved Again’ is one of the purest and most loving messages in song, and The Parkington Sisters and I wanted to end our album with it for this reason.”
Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters is a collection of “some of the most honest, moving, beautiful, unfiltered, true and cool songs that have ever been written, in my opinion,” says Donelly. Joining Tanya on the album are The Parkington Sisters (Rose, Sarah, Ariel), their sister Lydia Parkington (cello), Matthias Bossi (drum, percussion) and Jon Evans (bass, percussion) who also recorded and mixed the album.
Earlier this summer, they released “Automatic,” written by Jane Wiedlin, the song was on side-2 of the Go-Go’s multi-platinum debut album Beauty & The Beat (I.R.S. Records, 1981).
Tanya Donelly and The Parkington Sisters will celebrate the release on Friday, August 14th with two virtual listening parties online hosted by Newbury Comics at 3pm ET (via Twitter) and ONCE Somerville at 8 pm ET (via Zoom, Eventbrite and Facebook). Upon release, Newbury Comics will have a limited pressing of exclusive clear vinyl color.
Tanya Donelly and the Parkington Sisters will be released on 8/14. Pre-orders exclusively at American Laundromat Records.
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ONCE Somerville hosted Listening Party
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