Rhode Island Bound Cargo Ship Carrying Porsches, Lamborghinis, Bentleys Catches Fire in Atlantic

A cargo ship carrying Porsches, Audis, Bentleys, and Lamborghinis from Germany to the Rhode Island caught fire in the North Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday. All 22 crew members on board were evacuated and rescued by members of the Portuguese Navy and Air Force.

The Felicity Ace departed Emden, Germany on February 10 and was originally expected to arrive at Davisville on the morning of February 23.

The ship sent out a distress signal after a fire broke out in one of the cargo decks.

According to an internal Volkswagen Group email obtained by Bloomberg, 3,965 U.S.-bound vehicles are aboard. Approximately 1100 Porsches, 189 Bentleys, and approximately 100 VWs were on the ship according to Automotive News.



“Our immediate thoughts are of relief that the 22 crew of the merchant ship ‘Felicity Ace’ are safe and well,” Porsche said in a statement. “A number of our cars are among the cargo. We are in contact with the shipping company and the details of the cars on board are now known. While it remains too early to confirm what occurred and next steps, we are — along with our colleagues at Porsche AG — supporting our customers and our dealers as best we can to find solutions. Anyone concerned by this incident and the implications on the car they’ve ordered should contact their Porsche dealer.”

The Felicity Ace was built in 2005, measuring 656 feet long and 104 feet wide, with a carrying capacity of 17,738 tons.



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