Brandyn Brunelle

RPL’s Executive Team Adds Brandyn Brunelle as Chief Strategy Officer

Residential Properties Ltd., Rhode Island’s leading real estate company, is excited to announce that Brandyn Brunelle has joined the Executive Team as its Chief Strategy Officer. Brandyn comes to RPL with a professional skill set based in a variety of roles and leadership positions. For almost five years, he was Chief Creative Officer with Lila Delman Real Estate, followed by a position as East Coast Luxury Lead for Compass International, reporting to their global headquarters in New York. His responsibilities included directing the company’s marketing department, overseeing growth and expansion opportunities, and providing high-touch support to agents.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Brandyn to our leadership team as our Chief Strategy Officer,” remarked RPL President and CEO, Sally Lapides. “His vast experience in luxury marketing, trend forecasting, communications, and strategic planning will benefit our clients, our amazing colleagues, and our company as we look into the future.”

Before moving to Rhode Island, Brandyn attended College in Manhattan, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in marketing with a concentration in upper premium and luxury markets. Shortly after obtaining his undergraduate degree, he went on to study interior design at NYU and landed a position with one of the country’s most reputable design firms for five years. Today, he resides between Newport and Providence and will be working with all of RPL’s offices lending insight, new perspectives, and a growth-oriented vision across the company.

To begin this exciting chapter for Residential Properties, we recently sat down for an interview with Brandyn to get to know him and to discuss his plans for the company in 2023 and in years to come.

As RPL’s Chief Strategy Officer, what do you hope to bring to the company?

“As part of the Executive Team, I’ll be focusing on strategy formulation and management. My main objectives will be to focus on the company’s vision and strategic efforts, overseeing planning and new initiatives. This includes, but is not limited to, strategic growth opportunities, development of brand identity, implementing new marketing tactics, promoting corporate culture, brand partnerships, and, most importantly, supporting all Resi agents!”  

What was it about RPL that felt like such a good fit for you at this time? 

“Before joining RPL, I was leading a family-run real estate company that was acquired by a national brokerage. I enjoyed the challenges but missed the impact I was able to make as part of an independent company with deep ties to the community. Although RPL is the largest brokerage in Rhode Island, it still feels like a family-run company that is invested in the community, has a true understanding of market nuances, and possesses leadership committed to remaining independent.”  

What were your thoughts about RPL and its reputation prior to joining the company?

“I had always thought of Residential Properties as the number one brokerage in Rhode Island because of its market share, sales volume, and robust agent roster. I had deep respect for the company and viewed it as a heritage brand that is entrenched in the community. I joined RPL knowing that it is by far the most stable and solid brokerage in the state with an unbelievable foundation and structure.” 

How do you inspire those you work with? / What inspires you?

“I’m inspired and driven by positivity and tend to be an eternal optimist. I try not to take myself too seriously and believe that in this industry, relatability is everything. I am mindful to not be a ‘no’ person – I like to make things happen and believe life is the constant pursuit of improvement and progress. 

“I am most inspired by others and seeing those I surround myself with happy. Aside from being inspired by people, I find inspiration in design, art, and experiences. I always have a project I’m working on.”    

Where do you think the company is going? In what ways will it grow in 2023 and beyond?

“As I previously mentioned, the foundation and structure of RPL is unmatched. The involvement from ownership, support from management, and kindness embodied by the entire team has profoundly impacted me. There is a true culture that is authentic and palpable – something that can’t be manufactured. 

“I am confident that RPL will remain the number one brokerage in Rhode Island in the new year. Along with the Executive Team, we have collectively created a roadmap for 2023 that I know our agents and customers are going to be excited to see. I am thrilled to watch RPL grow a stronger presence in South County and on Aquidneck Island. With recent consolidations and franchises, agents and clients alike have a strong desire for a boutique brokerage that can pivot quickly to meet their needs.”  

What are you most looking forward to about working at RPL? 

‘The opportunity to take on this role for Residential Properties is beyond exciting for me personally and professionally. I am looking forward to working with an accomplished team while bringing forth a new perspective. Collectively, we will evolve the brand, refining our marketing infrastructure to provide our clients and agents the best resources in this industry. Again, because the company is independently owned, we can be nimble. We can make decisions and implement the changes our agents and customers want quickly and effectively without layers of corporate approvals.”    

How do you hope to shape or enhance the client experience? 

“Interestingly, I view all of the agents at RPL as my clients. It’s my job to deliver what our agents need and make sure they have everything possible to be successful. My primary goal is to enhance our agents’ experience so, in turn, they can offer superior resources, unparalleled marketing, and a streamlined experience to their customers. 

“The experience for our customers will be enhanced as RPL continues the process of expanding into new markets, with new office locations strategically opening across the state. RPL will continue to elevate the real estate experience for all of Rhode Island and beyond.” 



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