Olivia Passaretti

Sister of New Year’s crash victim takes to social media to express sorrow and anger

The sister of Olivia Passaretti has taken to social media to express her grief over her senseless death at the hands of career criminal Amamis Segura.

Jacqueline Passaretti penned a heartfelt post on Facebook in loving remembrance of her sister while rightfully saying that the scumbag driver that ran her off the road and fled the scene on foot will rot in prison and burn in hell.


“You were the brightest most amazing soul this world had ever met. Over this past year, I watched you become the healthiest happiest version of yourself. It made me happy seeing how happy you were. You had just gotten your first job at Dicks, you had finally found and experienced true love, and you were FINALLY happy. Your smile lit up every room you walked into and I loved hearing you walk into my house to just play video games or watch a movie. Im so heartbroken buddy, you were such an old soul. I used to tell you all the time how even though I was your big sister, I looked up to you. I admired your way with words and the way you truly cared about everyone you encountered. This should not be happening. My baby sister. You were only 17. I couldn’t wait to watch you play another softball season. I couldn’t wait to help coach you again. I’ll miss our late night drives to Walmart and everything in between. My little buddy, I will always love you and there will not be a day that goes by that I don’t miss you. This should NOT have happened to you. The night before New Year’s Eve, I drove to moms after work to see you and we had such a nice heart to heart. I will cherish that. I just wish it was longer. My last words to you as you left my house last night were “I love you, text me when you get home…” that text never came. I wish it was me kiddo. You deserved all the beauty this life had to offer you. Thank you for being such a light to this world. To the scumbag driver that ran you off the road and fled the scene on foot, you will rot in prison, you will be caught and you will burn in hell. You took my baby sister away. The worst heartache imaginable. The only thing that brings me the littlest bit of comfort right now is knowing that you are with daddy. Daddy, please take care of my sister. I hope you can all respect our privacy at this time. Just prayers please for my beautiful mom and sister Victoria. I love you Olivia, thank you for letting me be your big sister. I’ll miss you for the rest of time. Until we all meet again. ❤️ 7/22/04-1/1/22″


Olivia Passaretti was struck down in the prime of her life by  Aramis Segura, a child molesting, sexual assaulting criminal whom for some god forsaken reason wasn’t already locked up in prison with the keys thrown away.

The scumbag Amamis Segura bragged on Facebook 90 minutes before the fatal crash that he’d drink and drive.

A Rhode Island State Police investigation revealed that Segura’s Mercedes was traveling at a high rate of speed when it hit Passaretti’s vehicle and forced it off the highway where it traveled down an embankment, struck a tree and rolled over. Passaretti was pronounced deceased on scene by Warwick Rescue personnel.

Segura fled the scene on foot, but Rhode Island State Troopers investigating the crash caught him at his home shortly after and brought him into custody.

Segura is being held at the ACI in Cranston.

Olivia Passaretti was a senior at East Greenwich High School with a full life ahead of her.

Aramis Segura was a lifelong loser who will hopefully rot in prison for the rest of his life.



Looks like a fine upstanding citizen.


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