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The Easton’s Beach Snack Bar is Moving to 2nd Beach

Newport’s loss is Middletown’s gain.

The iconic Easton’s Beach Snack Bar, a beloved fixture for over 25 years, is relocating to Second Beach after the City of Newport decided to demolish the existing building rather than attempt to salvage it.

“When we were informed that our lease wouldn’t be renewed, our family was devastated,” said Barry Botelho, the long-time operator of the snack bar. “During COVID-19, we closed our two cafes on the Navy base and focused all our efforts on the Snack Bar. We were determined to make it the best it could be. We prioritized quality, pride, and service over profit, believing that would grow the business.”

Despite Botelho’s efforts to convince the city administration to repair and continue using the building until a suitable solution was found, the decision was made to tear it down. The news was met with an outpouring of support and offers for new locations. However, replicating the unique charm and success of Easton’s Beach Snack Bar was no easy feat.

“After the news broke, I received calls offering new locations, but it’s challenging to replicate what we had worked so hard to build and refine over the last 25 years,” Botelho explained. “We were featured on HGTV three times, in the Boston Globe, and hosted Channel 12’s Rhode Show. We just missed the final cut for a new Food Network show with Guy Fieri. One of our proudest moments was being filmed for Channel 10’s Studio 10, where Mario and Temi wore lobster hats on air!”

The turning point came when the new food truck bid winners and Mayor Xaykham Khamsyvoravong, addressing concerns about the loss of the Twin Lobster Rolls, announced plans to copy the snack bar’s famous menu. “That was the line that shouldn’t have been crossed,” Botelho stated. “After discussing it with my family, we decided to pursue a new location. Second Beach was the next logical spot.”

Botelho reached out to the Second Beach team, initially fierce competitors but now mutually respected business owners. Together, they devised a plan to blend their menus, focusing initially on the Twin Lobster Rolls and later adding popular items like fish and chips, clam cakes, and chowder from the Easton’s Beach Snack Bar menu. The collaboration promises to create a snack bar experience that other beaches can only dream about.

All key employees from Easton’s Beach Snack Bar are on board, ready to deliver the same level of quality and service. “I’m excited to be working with such an experienced team. They operate six other successful snack bars and bring a wealth of experience. Together, we will bring the best of both stores to Second Beach.”

While the increased busyness of Second Beach poses challenges, particularly with parking, the team plans to stay open later to accommodate visitors who want to enjoy their lobster rolls on the beach or take them home.

Reflecting on the move, Botelho shared a personal connection to Second Beach. “I spent a lot of time during my high school years at Second Beach. I learned to surf there and, along with my best friends, petitioned the Town Council to establish the surfers’ end. In a sense, I’m coming home.”

The new venture at Second Beach promises to continue the legacy of the Easton’s Beach Snack Bar, bringing cherished favorites to a new location while maintaining the commitment to quality and community service.




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