Water Brother The Sid Abbruzzi Story

“WATER BROTHER: The Sid Abbruzzi Story” Friends & Family Screening is August 17th at Fort Adams

Newport Film will be presenting a screening of WATER BROTHER: The Sid Abbruzzi Story, a film by Kinnane Brothers on August 17th at Fort Adams

WATER BROTHER: The Sid Abbruzzi Story

WATER BROTHER is a feature documentary that follows the life of Sid Abbruzzi, an East Coast legend and culture icon. The film explores Sid’s lifelong passion for surfing, skating, and his commitment to protecting the sport’s history and culture. Through a mix of never-before-seen archival film, personal interviews, and large format cinematic footage, including exclusive interviews with giants of the surf, skate and art world, this documentary takes the audience on a journey through the history of surfing and skating – from 1960s Newport to Santa Cruz, Cocoa Beach, South Africa’s Jeffrey’s Bay, and beyond.

As Sid approaches the age of 72, the film captures the final days of his famous Water Brothers Surf & Skate shop, set to be demolished. It delves into the impact of the shop’s closure on the local community and the broader surf and skate world. The documentary emphasizes the importance of memory, personal history, and living in the moment, reminding us to cherish our past and preserve cultural heritage.

WATER BROTHER is a poignant reflection on a life well-lived and a heartfelt tribute to the enduring spirit of surf culture. It celebrates the individuals and places that transcend surfing and skating from mere hobbies, showing how one man’s dedication can inspire an entire community.




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