In case you missed anything and wanted to catch up on the news and what’s buzzing around Newport, RI, here are our top stories from the past week.

10 – Fundraising Effort To Bring Back Rocky Point As A Waterpark

Rocky Point RI

9 – This “Boston Accent” Movie Trailer Is Everything!

Boston Accent Trailer

8 – Funeral Arrangements Made For Mayor Buddy Cianci

Buddy Cianci

7 – RIP Anne Hayes O’Connell

Anne O'Connell

6 – Portsmouth Dog Attacked By Coyote

Portsmouth RI Coyote

5 – Buddy Cianci Is Marrying An Absolute Smokeshow

Buddy Cianci Tara Marie Haywood

4 – Bouchard Named Best Restaurant In Rhode Island

Bouchard Restaurant Newport RI

3 – Suspect Identified In Brutal Assault That Left Newport Man In A Coma

Freddie Hicks

2 – Rhode Island Ranked Worst Place To Retire In Entire United States

Retire in Rhode Island

1 – Former Mayor Buddy Cianci Has Died At Age 74

Mayor Vincent A. Buddy Cianci