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The International Tennis Hall of Fame has named Guga Kuerten as a Global Ambassador for the organization. Kuerten, a three-time Roland Garros champion and former world No. 1 on the ATP World Tour was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2012, in recognition of his outstanding tennis career. In the new role, Kuerten will play an active role in the Hall of Fame’s effort to preserve and promote the history of tennis, and to engage the global tennis community.

“My induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame was a very special moment for me and my family. When I was celebrating and crying with my mother in Newport, it was an unbelievable moment of my career. When we are competing, we don’t think so much about our legacy, but to look back now and think that my career is forever recognized as an impactful part of our sport’s history, is incredibly humbling and meaningful,” said Kuerten.

He continued, “When I was competing, I was greatly inspired by those who came before me in Brazil. I could not have had my success if I didn’t have them to look up to and to aspire to be like. This is why the Hall of Fame is so important to our sport and why it was important to me to take on this new role. In their work each day, the Hall of Fame is committed to promoting an interest in the history of our sport and it’s most inspiring people. I know first-hand how important it is to have inspiring personalities to look up to, to push you to be your best, and I’m thrilled to have this new opportunity to support the Hall of Fame in that work.”

International Tennis Hall of Fame CEO Todd Martin with Guga Kuerten

International Tennis Hall of Fame CEO Todd Martin with Guga Kuerten

International Tennis Hall of Fame CEO Todd Martin commented, “We are thrilled to welcome Guga to support the Hall of Fame’s work in this new role. His spirit and passion for our sport is infectious. He has a genuine love for our sport, a desire to see it grow, and a commitment to seeing its history be preserved and celebrated. We are very pleased to be able to work with Guga to bring the Hall of Fame’s work to the global tennis community.”
Kuerten joins Martina Hingis in the Global Ambassador role for the Hall of Fame. Hingis was named an ambassador in June 2015 and continues in the role, with special events scheduled for her to appear on the Hall of Fame’s behalf in the fall. In his new role, Kuerten will be participating in promotional activities at tennis events around the world on behalf of the Hall of Fame in the year ahead, including special programming in Brazil around tennis events there.
“This is a massive opportunity for me to continue my tennis life. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is a really important and special place for our sport. When you walk through the museum there, it’s amazing to see all the great champions and memorable moments that our sport has delivered. However, there are many tennis fans who may not be able to make the trip to Newport, and so I’m thrilled to be working with the Hall of Fame to bring the organization’s mission and message out to fans around the world in a new way,” said Kuerten.