Online Educators Needed

Your life experience is now your most important qualification.

We are living in challenging times. It seems that the entire world is schooling at home in one form or another. People are working outside of their comfort zones to keep the continuity of learning and daily life intact. However, with challenges like these, often comes innovation and there is little doubt we will all have a new mindset about what alternative education means when we emerge from this global pandemic. was created to offer solutions and we need educators and subject matter experts immediately. Are you up to the challenge?

The spread of COVID-19 has exposed a critical flaw in our educational system. With the sudden closure of nearly 70,000 schools nationwide, millions of families have been left to fend for themselves in order to educate their children. It is critical that this time is utilized to keep our children engaged and focused on productive learning-centered activities. We want to on-board as many educators as quickly as possible to fill this critical need. Educators only need to set up a profile on to offer online classes and online afterschool activities to help keep our children engaged and occupied during this unprecedented time. Many educators use a free Google Hangouts session which is simple to use and works across all platforms. The Zoom and Skype platforms are other online classroom solutions that are quite popular with educators.

Formal teaching experience is not necessary, although former teachers are welcome. You only need to possess deep knowledge and passion for a subject and a desire to pass that knowledge on to a new generation of learners. will connect you to hundreds of learners and their families. You’ll be performing a great service during this unprecedented time and earning some income for yourself as well.

Be a part of the solution. Become an educator today!

Visit to learn more and to set up an educator profile. They can help you with the rest. They are here to support you and help you in this journey.