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(WATCH) A Wealth of Evidence – The Case Against Claus von Bülow

On the morning of December 22, 1980, family members found Martha “Sonny” von Bülow unconscious in the bathroom of Clarendon Court, the family’s Newport home.

Sunny von Bülow’s children claim that their stepfather, Claus von Bülow, tried to murder their mother twice with a dosage of insulin. His motives were the millions of dollars he would inherit. Claus claims Sunny was suicidal over the end of their marriage and that no crime was ever committed.


Claus von Bülow was convicted of attempting murder but famed Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz constructed an appeal that devastated the prosecution’s circumstantial medical case.

Von Bülow’s convictions were overturned. Convinced von Bülow was guilty, the state prosecuted him again and the result was another not-guilty verdict. Some believe a guilty man is walking the streets because of a technicality in the law. Is he? Was a crime ever committed?

Sunny von Bülow lived almost 28 years in a permanent vegetative state until her death in a New York nursing home on December 6, 2008.

cover photo via Daily Mail.