By Emily Randolph

The Jamestown Arts Center hosted a vibrant “Working Artists Residency” closing exhibition on Friday evening, August 26, 2022. The artists had a mere five days to produce the work shown. By all accounts, it was an amazing endeavor and a great success. Working Artists’ Residency Director and artist Kevin Gilmore said, “In such a short amount of time, eight artists came together, formed a community, inspired each other, helped each other and created this amazing evening. In five days!”

Working Artists Residency Director and artist Kevin Gilmore.

Video edited on Kapwing

The large crowd celebrated the artists and their accomplishments to live music environments by Ecosystems, Antonio Forte + Michael Samos.

If you weren’t able to attend the event, you may contact the participating artists and view their work and websites here:

Lydia Biddle Cotter

Wooley Dutton

Sue Enos

Kevin Gilmore

Theresa Girard

Marjorie Jensen

Nancy Junkin

Dodi Mahoney

Sallie Strand


Jamestown Art Center

The mission of the Jamestown Arts Center is to engage, enrich and inspire our community through extraordinary arts and educational experiences. Residents of small communities shouldn’t lack the opportunities of their big city counterparts to experience art and design that is aspirational, inspirational, challenging, and at the highest level of its craft. We are setting the pace and raising the bar at the JAC every day.



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