BREAKING: Tom Brady is (MAYBE NOT) retiring

Alright, so if you’ve been living under a rock all day today, let me catch you up.

Two Capitol J journalists from ESPN, Adam Schefter and Jeff Darlington, reported that the GOAT was retiring from the NFL after 22 years and 7 Super Bowl Rings. They cited multiple inside sources in Brady’s camp in their breaking news story and the world lost its collective mind. HOWEVER, there was just one small detail they overlooked and that’s that Tom Brady hasn’t said that he was retiring.

Everyone took the reporting of these clowns as gospel from CNN to CBS, to NBC, to Time Magazine, to the lowly Newport Buzz. Apparently we all messed up. Badly.

Because soon after, the Bucs said they heard from Brady and he told them that HE WASN’T CLOSE TO MAKING A DECISION. Same with Coach Bruce Arians. Same with Brady’s father. And on and on and on.

El Pres jumped into the fray.



And then Salvatore Abbuuzzese summed it up quite perfectly.


The sports world is now in turmoil and the media (including me) has egg all over their face.

So what’s next?

Brady is probably so pissed at the clowns Schefter and Darlington that he’ll come back for 5 more years and win 3 more Super Bowls. So thank hose guys for that. But they both have to lose their jobs, right?

Who knows. It’s Tom Brady’s world, we all just live in it.



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