City of Newport Reminding Residents, Businesses to Keep Storm Drains Clear

As Newport continues to dig out from last weekend’s historic blizzard, crews from the City’s Department of Utilities are out working hard to clear as many catch basins as possible before forecasted rain arrives.

Residents and businesses are also encouraged to check the catch basins in their own areas to make sure they are clear of snow and ice so water can easily drain. If possible, residents and private contractors are asked to please clear snow & ice from catch basins. Not only will free flowing catch basins help keep roadways and sidewalks safe, but they’re also critical in preventing damage to private homes and businesses.

If you know of a catch basin that’s currently snow clogged and would like to assist in the cleanup, please be safe and keep in mind the following rules of thumb:

    • Clear your drain only if it is safe. Watch out for traffic. Don’t clear drains that are in the middle of a street.
    • Be careful of standing water to avoid slipping or stepping on sharp objects.
    • If children are helping, make sure adults are supervising.
    • Don’t try to lift storm drain grates. They are very heavy.
    • Clear only drains next to the curb. Clear from curbside, not out in the street.
    • Let the City’s crews handle garbage or any hazards that might be found in the catch basin. Clear surface debris only.

If the drain is still clogged after you’ve removed the surface debris, please call the Department of Utilities at 845-5600, and they’ll investigate further to correct any defect.



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