Florida loser arrested for Dine & Dash scam at local restaurants

Middletown Police announced Friday that they arrested Anthony Addesa, 58, of Palm Beach, Florida for skipping out on tabs at numerous local restaurants. Ida’s, Tito’s, Fieldstone’s, and Caleb & Broad just to name a few.

On September 15th, a male later identified as Addesa went into Tito’s Cantina on West Main Road and consumed food and drinks. Addesa got up and left the restaurant without paying for his food or drinks like a total loser.

On September 13th, Addesa went into Ida’s on Valley Rd. and consumed food and drinks. Addesa once again left without paying his bill. Addesa admitted to Middletown Police investigators that he did in fact go to Ida’s and left without paying. Middletown Police detectives were able to positively identify Addesa through surveillance video investigation.

On September 23rd, Addesa was arrested in Woonsocket by Woonsocket Police based on the Middletown arrest warrant. Addesa  was later turned over to Middletown Police. Addesa was transported to Middletown Police headquarters where he was processed and interviewed.

Addesa also admitted to having had food and drinks at Fieldstone’s on East Main Road in Portsmouth on September 15th and left without paying his bill. Portsmouth Police has also charged Adessa with one count of Obtaining Food with Intent to Defraud.

In addition to the above listed restaurants, other local restaurants have reported similar incidents involving a male with a description similar to Addesa. The investigation into the other restaurants is ongoing.

Anyone with additional information into these incidents is asked to contact Detective Tobias at 401-846-1144 ext. 7009.



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