Jessica Hagen hosting art exhibition with Penny Ashford and Emily Randolph through June 19th

Gallery owner and director Jessica Hagen invites art lovers to view the artwork of water photographer Penny Ashford and artist Emily Randolph in the art exhibition BLUE + WHITE, through June 19th.

This beautiful exhibit includes photography, paintings and wall sculpture that intermingle and uniquely compliment each other. Viewers will be immersed in a visual world of
water in Hagen’s intimate and welcoming gallery.

Jessica Hagen Fine Art + Design
9A Bridge Street
Newport, RI 02840

Penny Ashford, Water Photographer

On a journey to Antarctica to explore the interplay between water and ice, Ashford came face to face with climate change. She hopes that her photographs empower viewers to see themselves as stewards of the earth so that they, too, can take positive action to preserve the great beauty of our planet. Ashford’s dynamic and vibrant work has been exhibited throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic.

Emily Randolph, Artist/Designer

Emily is also inspired by water, and it is her ambition to portray the beauty of water and water themes through material exploration and innovation. Based in Newport, RI, Randolph’s work is in private collections all over the world from the US to Europe to Australia. Notably, she was commissioned for 250+ artworks ranging from traditional photography and mixed-media paintings to an innovative photography-based water fountain for a senior-living community in Scottsdale, AZ. Randolph continues to push boundaries through her paintings, wall sculptures and jewelry designs.

Jessica Hagen Fine Art + Design

Jessica Hagen founded her gallery Jessica Hagen Fine Art + Design in 2005 in Newport, Rhode Island. Her ambition has always been to represent living artists throughout the northeast and beyond, to foster their talent, facilitate commissions and connect them with art lovers. Hagen presents a diverse show schedule all year round and is respected for her focus on quality, originality and beauty. She represents many notable artists, including Neo-Expressionist Hunt Slonem, who presides in 250+ museums worldwide.



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