Newport Polo

Newport Polo to host the Champagne Cup this Saturday

The Newport International Polo Series will host the Champagne Cup on Saturday, August 22 at 5pm, with the home team facing its next rival – NYC, vying for the newly minted Champagne Cup, as the series of highly competitive regional challengers unfolds this season.

“Last year, New York City gave us everything we can handle, and then some. This year we are looking for a different outcome,” explains Dan Keating, Newport Captain.

This week marks the start of the 2020 champagne harvest in France and other champagne regions around the world, marking the earliest start date in history, to reduce its environmental footprint and adjust to climate change.  New York is one of America’s sparkling wine producing regions and arguably the largest US market in consumption as well. 

The match will be witnessed by a limited live spectator audience in one of this season’s rare 17 matches, still the only attended sporting event in New England since the start of the pandemic.  

Originally scheduled to feature USA vs. Jamaica, the international rivalry has been rescheduled to 2021.