Tiverton Police Department and Community Join Forces for a Heartwarming Holiday Season

In a heartening display of community spirit, the Tiverton Police Department had an exceptional season of outreach and giving, with local entities and individuals coming together to make a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

IBPO Local 406’s Generous Contributions

Leading the charge in this season of benevolence, the IBPO Local 406 (Tiverton Police Officers Union) has made a substantial donation of $2,000 in groceries to the East Bay Community Action Program. This generous act is accompanied by an additional $500 contribution in oil, specifically directed to help heat the homes of individuals and seniors facing challenges during the winter months.

Local Businesses Rally for Operation: Blue Santa

A collective effort was see with the support of local businesses such as George’s Gas, who, along with numerous other establishments in town, graciously allowed the placement of donation boxes for the Operation: Blue Santa gift collection. This initiative has served as a vital means of spreading joy and support throughout the community.

Students and Community Members Play Crucial Roles

The involvement of many high school seniors and juniors has been instrumental in organizing and delivering Santa for Seniors gift bags. Notably, the 4th-grade classes at Fort Barton Elementary School have made a meaningful contribution by generously donating and personally decorating gift bags.

Individual Acts of Kindness Shine Bright

Individuals have also stepped up, showcasing the true spirit of the season. Judy Brogan stands out for her remarkable effort in crafting 51 beautifully designed gift baskets for seniors in the community.

Acknowledging Local Heroes

A special shout-out goes to Bryan, Jamie, and Taylor Sanford, Cheryl Paul and Zack, Frank Amorin, and Tiverton Police Department’s own Steve and Mary Fisher for their dedicated contributions. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, and the community is grateful for their unwavering support.

Santa’s Final Tour Delights Tiverton Residents

The holiday festivities reached their peak with Santa’s final tour of Tiverton. While the tour might not have covered every street in town, it undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the hearts of residents.

As the Tiverton Police Department reflects on this incredible season of giving, they extend warm wishes to everyone for a wonderful holiday. The collaborative efforts of the community have truly made a difference, emphasizing the power of unity and compassion during the festive season.




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