Jesse James has shared the last update on his Frenchie, Coco, who was trapped in a neighbor’s basement for 30 days with no food and her only access to water was rain water.


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COCO UPDATE… Newport PD Officer Sardinha dropped her off late last night at Ocean State Animal Hospital in East Greenwich Rhode Island. The Amazing doctors and staff already have her spoiled. Correction from last night. She only weighs 2.2 kilos(About 6LBS!!) She lost 2/3rds of her body weight. Her Normal weight is 20 Lbs(swipe to see last pic). Best we can guess She fell into a 2 foot by 6 foot basement window well that was 5 feet deep with a dirt floor. The only access to water was rain. No food unless she fought bugs or ??? She was in there for 30 DAYS!! She isn’t really a barker so I can see why she would go unnoticed. Obviously she is starving! They are reintroducing food to her a little at a time. Her blood work came out normal. Just severely dehydrated. Man-O-Man she is a survivor! What a tough tough little lady. I’m on the plane now headed that way. Plan on picking her up first thing in the morning. #jessejames

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