Rochambeau snow Newport ri
credit: Lee Abney

Winter Storm Orlena expected to arrive Monday around noon & pound our area with 6-12 inches

I wish I had better news but according to the National Service, a major nor’easter is taking aim at our area. Winter Storm Orlena is expected to pound us with a not so impressive, slightly below average, 6 inches beginning Monday at about noon all the way into Tuesday. Although Worcester, MA can expect the full 12 inches.

Orlena is expected to be blowing hard, especially near the coast, which can see it blowing 40 knots and could potentially lead to coastal flooding. Near-blizzard conditions cannot be ruled out where heavier snow overlaps with stronger winds.

And if that’s not enough, a heavy freezing spray is predicted on Tuesday when Orlena pulls out after finally tuckering out and withdrawing from our area to take aim at our neighbors to the north. There’s no way around it, our area is guaranteed to be coated in a wet sticky mess so citizens are advised to be prepared and to wear protection.

We should all be stocked up with food and supplies because after a pounding like this, forget about driving, it’s even going to be difficult to walk.

What we know for sure is that Orlena is going to be blowing really hard, we’re all going to get very wet and we’re certainly getting plowed.

Here’s a live look at every grocery store in New England!



PS – It’s important to latch all screen doors lest they get banged like they always do during a hurricane