Nocera, Lesson 316, oil on linen, 24 x 20”


By Emily Randolph

Atelier Newport presents “Perpetual Light” exhibit August 27 – October 5, 2022 with gallery artists McKay Otto and Richard Nocera. In addition, there will be a reception to meet the artists on Saturday, August 27th from 2:00 – 4:00 (artists’ talk at 3pm).

In this exhibition, light and how it reveals itself in our lives is at the forefront of these artists’ minds. Their passion for understanding what it means to reach for this light, in a figurative and literal sense, is what links these two artists together for this captivating exhibition.

Richard Nocera is a practicing artist living in Brooklyn, NY. In this body of work, Nocera contemplates the simplest concept of what light is: A powerful force that reveals truth. In these gently powerful works that swim in their mystical deep blue hues, the infinite possibilities of light begin to bloom forth in the mind of the inspired onlooker as they take note of how the paint seems to emerge into light from the canvas. Nocera paints outdoors to fully immerse himself in the clarity of the natural light as he works the painting’s surface. This physical, tactile surface along with the process of creating are most important in his artistic expression.

He comments, “My hope is that these paintings help give others a glimpse into the limitless possibility of our minds.” When light is present, darkness disappears. This body of work represents these inspiring pillars of existence.

McKay Otto is a Texas-based artist whose work continues to transcend time and space, reaching into the depths of what we all hope will grace our existences: light. Light hovers and bounces around the soft shadows that live among veils of delicately tenuous shades of color. The sculptures reveal themselves differently in the daytime versus in the nighttime, retaining their glow and adding another intriguing layer to the work.

The work in this collection contains a veiled unreachable quality in how the viewer is constantly asked to peek inside each sculpture, looking for answers, looking for truth. Layers of light and color recede and extend against all conventional ideas of pictorial space. The distinction between what is real and what is unreal is blurred and what we are left with is an unanswered question: do we ever reach the unreachable, ever?

Reveling in the beauty of the possibilities of the artistic expression, Otto says, “The work is obsessed with the expression of color, light, and the way we perceive these things.”

“Perpetual Light”
August 27 – October 5, 2022
Opening Reception: 
Saturday, August 27th from 2-4
Atelier Newport
200 Bellevue Ave.
Newport, RI 02840
Call/Text: 239.240.5326 



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