Bomb Threats Target Multiple Planet Fitness Gyms Across Rhode Island

Several Planet Fitness gyms across Rhode Island were targeted with bomb threats on Thursday, prompting investigations by local law enforcement agencies. The threats, delivered via email, prompted concerns and led to heightened security measures at several locations.

The threats specifically mentioned gyms in Providence, East Providence, and Warwick. Police departments in those areas initiated investigations into the origin and credibility of the threats.

After thorough investigations, authorities determined the threats to be unfounded. Despite the disruption, all the affected Planet Fitness locations have since reopened to the public.

A representative for Planet Fitness confirmed that all gyms mentioned in the threats are now operational. The prompt actions of law enforcement agencies and the cooperation of the gym management have contributed to the swift resolution of the situation.

As investigations continue, authorities remain vigilant to ensure the safety and security of all residents and businesses in Rhode Island.




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