Best Shot of Newport Bridge Ever Lee Abney
Credit: Lee Abney

In Memoriam – Remembering The Locals We Lost In 2020

2020 was hard all around around and we’d be remiss if we didn’t remember those beautiful souls who made this world a better place to live.

Let’s not forget the friends and family we lost in 2020.

Gone but never forgotten…


RIP John T. Dwyer III

RIP William F. Benisch

RIP Michael John La Pierre

RIP Ginger-Lee Seekell

RIP Michael A. Santos

RIP Mary (Landers) Clark

RIP Margaret (Kent) Mashaw



RIP Caesar A. “Chuck” Spero, Jr.

RIP Trudi Josefine (Habeler) Mackin

RIP Mickey (Joubert) Botelho

RIP William Adolphus Briggs Jr.

RIP Steven John Dougherty

RIP William Herman Clarke

RIP Michael Roy Josephson

RIP Christina Jean (Laurin) Vars

RIP Christine Vieira Shultz

Perennial RI candidate & political activist Christopher Young dies in car crash

RIP Warren Karoli


RIP Mortimer Sullivan

RIP Helen Cliniff Kirby

RIP Francisco Salas Jr.


RIP Travis Swager

Raimondo Directs Rhode Island Flags to Fly at Half-Staff in Honor of Former First Lady Virginia Chafee

RIP Todd Gianetis

RIP Margaret “Peg” Kerins Barabash