Jamestown Fire Department Rescues Dog and Civilian from Cliff at Beavertail State Park

The Jamestown Fire Department responded to a distress call from Beavertail State Park where a dog had fallen off a cliff and was stranded Monday at 1:43pm.

As they made their way to the location, responders learned that a civilian had attempted to rescue the stranded animal but found themselves unable to climb back up. The incident unfolded near the Blue Dot Trail, adjacent to lot #2 in the park.

Utilizing a sophisticated rope system, two firefighters were lowered down the cliff to secure both the distressed dog and the civilian. Despite the challenging terrain and circumstances, the operation was executed flawlessly.

No injuries were sustained during the rescue mission. This successful operation stands as a testament to the professionalism and dedication of the Jamestown Fire Department in safeguarding both human and animal lives in their community.




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