Alex Kehm

Local Teen Releases New Single As She Begins To Make Her Mark On The Music World

A local teenager is making quite the impression in the music world with the release of her new single!

“Face,” a precocious single from 17-year-old singer-songwriter Alex Kehm, is a portrait of unrequited young love. The song’s stripped-down production, consisting of little more than a galloping piano countermelody enveloped in reverb, gives the sensation of an intimate performance delivered in a cathedral.

“I wrote ‘Face’ based on the concept of unreciprocated feelings from the perspective of someone who is in love with somebody that doesn’t feel the same, and who is in love with somebody else,” Alex said. “I wanted to capture the intensity of those emotions but as calmly as possible. I wanted [the song] to reflect that mindset of ‘I would do literally anything for you, even though you wouldn’t do the same for me.’” 

Alex is a senior at The Met School East Bay and has been writing and recording her own music since she was 12-year-old.

Check out her new single here!


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