Middletown Police Department Issues Warning on Phone Scam

The Middletown Police Department is alerting the public about a concerning phone scam targeting local residents. The department has received several reports from victims who have been contacted by individuals impersonating Middletown Police officers.

According to the reports, the scammer informs the victim that they have missed a court date and owe money to the court. The caller then instructs the victim to deposit $4,000 into a Coinstar machine to clear the alleged warrant. To lend credibility to the scam, the caller’s phone number is either blocked or appears as the Middletown Police Department on caller ID.

Authorities urge anyone who suspects they are being targeted by this scam to hang up immediately and contact their local police department. The Middletown Police Department emphasizes that they would never request money over the phone or instruct individuals to deposit funds into a Coinstar machine.

Residents are reminded to remain vigilant and skeptical of unsolicited phone calls requesting personal information or money. The department is actively investigating the reports and working to identify the perpetrators behind this fraudulent scheme.

Anyone who believes they are being scammed should hang up immediately and contact their local police department.




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