Newport Mooring List
City of Newport photo

Newport’s Mooring Wait Lists Now Available Online with Real-Time Updates

Boaters in Newport can now conveniently track their position on the city’s mooring wait lists, thanks to a new online system offering automatic real-time updates.

If you’re currently on the wait list for a city mooring permit and want to know your status, visit The wait lists are categorized by Main Harbor, Brenton Cove, Spindle, and Point, making it easier for applicants to find their specific listing.

In line with city policy, moorings are allocated at a ratio of 8:1, with eight moorings assigned to residents for every one assigned to a non-resident.

For those interested in applying for a mooring, applications can be downloaded from Applicants must provide proof of residency with a valid driver’s license showing a current Newport address or a Newport voter registration card.




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