The Dunkin’ Double Cup Is Breaking Up

Wait – what’s double-cupping? It’s what it’s refered to when a customer encases an iced beverage with a foam cup to help insulate the drink. This is a habit that was born in, and is mostly seen, in parts of New England. On November 15, Dunkin’ launched the #DoubleCupBreakup campaign in Boston and Providence, with slogans like “Consciously Un-cup-ling,” “The Double Cup is Breaking Up,” and “Iced, Delicious and Single,” to let customers know that double-cupping is a thing of the past because our relationship with foam just isn’t sustainable.

The light-hearted campaign was inspired by the feelings synonymous with the end of any significant relationship. The video and social content dramatizes the human stages of a breakup, ranging from tears cascading down the cups exterior, to the Iced Coffee cup loving the single life.

Why now you might ask? As part of their commitment to serve both the planet and people responsibly, Dunkin announced plans to eliminate all polystyrene foam cups in their global supply chain with a targeted completion date of 2020. As of December 1, all Dunkin’ restaurants in New England will be fully transitioned to the double-walled paper cup.