Where to find the cast of ‘The Bachelorette’ in Newport, RI

Wondering where you can find the cast of ‘The Bachelorette, Season 15‘ when they’re here in Newport, RI from March 21st through the 31st?

According to the production company’s letter to the City of Newport, it looks like Gurney’s Newport Resort and Marina will be ground zero for the filming. And that actually makes perfect sense because Gurney’s is the nicest, coolest and most hip hotel in Newport by a mile! There is no competition and it makes our best singles bar in Newport list every year.

Here’s what we have to say about Gurney’s: “If you’re looking a place that just gets it and is packed with tony travelers from NYC, Boston, DC and Miami, Gurney’s is your spot! Since opening in May 2017, Gurney’s has been the go to place in Newport for singles in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. If you’re looking for it, Gurney’s has it and it’s almost mandatory to go to Gurney’s on Sundays. Why? Don’t worry about why. On Sundays you go to Gurney’s.”

Also you can guarantee that they’ll be hitting up The Clarke Cooke House. Not only are they listed as a shooting location, but the Cooke House just gets it and everyone who’s anyone visiting Newport eventually ends up at the Cooke House.

“Located in the heart of Downtown Newport, this quintessential waterfront restaurant, bar and nightlife mecca is the long reigning king of Newport Nightlife, catering to a Who’s Who of Newport and the go-to spot for New York society. Their strict door policy and uber exclusive Sky Bar helps weed out the undesirables and makes this the perfect incubator for trust fund love. Dress well and bring your best manners.”

Newport singles bars
Good looking crowd at the Cooke!

Do you know where you go on Fridays? On Fridays you go to LaForge Casino Restaurant for the piano cabaret with Dave Manuel. And you know what? Nothing is sexier than a piano bar! Nothing. Why do you think so many Hollywood love stories have a scene in a piano bar with the male and female protagonists pounding down martinis (Newport Craft Vodka martinis preferably). 



So anyway, this is a show about delicious romance. And what’s the world’s most delicious romance enhancer aphrodisiac? Oysters! And who has the best Raw Bar in Newport? Of course, everyone knows. It’s Tavern on Broadway and every Wednesday from noon till 10pm they do buck-a-shuck raw bar. So if I were you, I’d be scouting out Tavern on Broadway where it’s always bustling with an eclectic mix of trust funders, artists, musicians, restaurant industry peeps and professionals.


So if you follow this handy guide, you’ll be sure run into the cast at some point during our beautiful city by the sea. And who knows maybe you’ll find some romance of your own!!!


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