Meg heriot bike 4

Who gets so drunk that they steal a bike?

My friend Meg Heriot’s bike has gone missing and she needs your help. She’s super sweet and super kind, so please keep your eyes open for her bike.

I’ll let her tell you the story.


My bike is still missing. After a lead and a bike hunt this am that went on for hours, I can only believe that my bike is somewhere in Middletown.

An UBER driver saw a man on the bike, and ended up picking him up shortly later. He was intoxicated and didn’t remember exactly where he left the bike before calling the driver, but he was told by my neighbor that I “had plenty of bikes, and that he could take one.” [unsure how accurate this convo was.]

The UBER driver had reached out to him and he tried to remember where he left the bike. I still was unable to track it down. The UBER driver was very nice and helped on her own also, which is extremely sweet!!!

Here are a few more images of my missing bike.

meg heriot bike

meg heriot bike 2

meg heriot bike 3

Bike was believed to have been seen last around Harbor Village in Middletown.

I know that whoever borrowed my bike enjoyed it, and whoever has it now is also enjoying this beautiful weather. But I hope it is found, and returned. I’m not mad, I’d just like it back! I don’t care about the mileage out on since Tuesday when I last rode it.


-Bell says “I ❤️ my bike” but is faded.
-White cup holder on the center
-Raindrop shape sticker with a snowflake inside of it on the back fender.
-i? sticker on both sides of the center crossbar
-White basket [if it’s not taken off]
-White Bike Seat
-Rusty Chrome
-Chain is extremely rusted also
-Handlebar Grip end is totally busted.


– Love, Meg”

If you find Meg’s bike or have any info, please comment below or message her here->