meg heriot bike

So Sometimes Your Best Friend Gets Hit By A Car And Then You Find Your Stolen Bike!

So when we last left you, Meg Heriot had her bike appropriated by some drunk dude and we posted here to help her find it!. Meg wrote a quite impassioned (and quite cute, because she’s just that sweet) plea to find her bike and the world was captivated!!!

Well we have an update. Take it away, Meg…

“At some point yesterday afternoon, my Best Friend Jillian was riding my other bike, that I bought last summer from a neighbor right around the corner, home from work and got hit by a car. She is fine. Shaken up, naturally, but ok. Our friend was behind the guy who hit her and helped with the accident. She was heading home, and while she was right in front of my neighbors house [the one I bought the other bike from last summer], she saw a guy riding my bike down Warner Ave, and said “HEY! That’s my Best Friends Bike! She’s been distraught that someone has stolen her bike!” The guy on the bike was apologetic and said his friend lent him the bike because he “needed to be somewhere..” My neighbor asked if she wanted to go to the police to file a report, and she declined because she knew I just wanted it back. My neighbor helped Jillian get my bike back to my house and this entire story has completely been boggling my mind!!!

Here is what the bike looks like now.


Meg Bike after

Meg bike 3

meg bike after 2

meg bike 4

-Stickers have been stripped [at least attempted] from the back fender and bell.

-My pretty basket is missing

-My bike chain, is gone [naturally it was useless to anyone other than me.]

-My cup holder is missing

My poor girl! But I am happy that she is HOME!!!! And I hope that guy got to where he needed to be….. ON TIME! I’m also glad the tires are intact.

THANK YOU for all of your help!!!!


xoxo, Meg”

PS – Meg is a pretty bad ass photographer, so if you need one, drop her a line!