Embark on a Mythical Journey at Roger Williams Park Zoo’s Dragons & Mythical Creatures Exhibit, Opens April 7th

Are dragons, mermaids, and mythical creatures merely products of imagination or did they once roam the Earth? The Roger Williams Park Zoo invites visitors to ponder these questions at its Dragons & Mythical Creatures exhibit, set to open its gates on April 7th and enchant audiences until August 11th.

As guests step into the fantastical world within the zoo, they will encounter 60 life-size animatronic mythical creatures that blur the lines between folklore and reality. The exhibit promises an immersive experience, allowing visitors to witness these fantastical beasts in action—watching them move, roar, and even breathe smoke.

Mythical creatures, deeply ingrained in global cultures, serve as symbols that transcend time and geography. Dragons, for instance, vary from being fire-breathing destroyers in Western myths to symbols of fortune and harmony in Chinese legends. The exhibit delves into the rich tapestry of cultural interpretations, from the tales of mermaids in Ireland to the menacing Kraken rooted in Scandinavian folklore, a creature capable of dragging sailors to their doom.

Dragons & Mythical Creatures goes beyond a mere display; it’s an invitation to explore the realms of imagination. Visitors are encouraged to gather their courage, ignite their curiosity, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure within the mythical world colliding with legends at the Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Key highlights of the exhibit include the chance to encounter over 60 life-size animatronic mythical creatures, explore interactive exhibits delving into global folklore, and witness creatures in motion, unleashing their roars and even breathing smoke. The experience is designed to spark imagination and create lasting memories of a mythical adventure.

To enhance the experience, the zoo offers add-on Dragon Admission for guests aged 2 and older at $9, with RWPZ Member Admission priced at $7. Toddlers aged 1 and under enjoy free admission. (General zoo admission ticket required for non-members.)

The exhibit is not the only attraction at the Roger Williams Park Zoo this summer. Other special events include an interactive bird show from April 13 through Labor Day, featuring daily demonstrations of natural bird behaviors and abilities. Families can also enjoy the Dragons at Dusk Family Nights on June 8 and August 10, offering a unique evening experience at the Zoo from 5-9 pm.

For adults seeking a unique evening out, the Sip & Stroll (21+) Battle of the Bands events on May 9 and July 18 provide an exclusive opportunity to experience the zoo after hours with live music and zoo-themed cocktails and food available for purchase.

Additionally, the zoo hosts Dragons Sensory Mornings on April 28, May 19, June 16, and July 7—an hour before the trail opens to the public. These special sensory-friendly mornings are designed for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and sensory processing differences and their families, offering a quiet and inclusive experience.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo welcomes all to explore the magical world of Dragons & Mythical Creatures and indulge in a summer filled with unique and captivating events. 




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