Jay Leno has undergone surgery for second, third degree burns

Jay Leno has undergone a skin grafting surgery for second and third degree burns to his face and chest after suffering burns in a car fire Saturday.

The 72 year-old entertainment legend was was fixing a clogged fuel line a 1907 White Steamer when it erupted into flames significantly burning his face and chest.

Jay tells TMZ that he was working on his 1907 White Steamer (pictured above) when a fuel leak caused gasoline to spray on his face and hands. Almost simultaneously a spark triggered an explosion, setting him on fire.

During a press conference Wednesday, Leno’s doctor, Dr. Peter Grossman with the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital said that he expects Leno to make a “full recovery” but says it’s too early to predict the “final outcome.” 

“He is in good spirits today. He is still undergoing further treatment and will need another procedure later on this week,” Grossman said. “Our hope is that when everything is all said and done, he will do well, but burn injuries are progressive and dynamic and it’s hard to predict ultimately what the final outcome will be at this stage.”

Leno splits his time between his home in LA and his Ocean Drive Estate in Newport.


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