How about that? Chalk one up for the little pups and chalk a minus for the coyotes!

Jesse James and Alexia DeJoria’s frenchie COCO has been found safe and sound!!!


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THEY FOUND HER!!!!!!!!!! The Amazing officers at Newport PD Found COCO!!! I guess she fell through a low basement window down 6 feet in a narrow window well. In a vacant house in the neighborhood and could not get out. SHES BEEN IN THERE A MONTH!! I just got the call from Dispatcher Andrea Stout that the home owner came back and found her stuck inside. Officer Mathew Sardinha(pictured) is on the way to Newport Animal Hospital with her now. I’m just Blown Away. I’ve been praying so hard to find her. God really does Answer prayers!! I just have to say thank you so everyone that posted and posted and tagged and reposted and those who searched and put up flyers. You guys made the difference! I am so thankful that you all did this!! Booking my flight to Rhode Island Now to get my little Coco.. Thank You Thank You! #jessejames

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What a crazy story!!!!


God bless us everyone!



Who gets the reward?