Manhattan Short Film Festival to Screen at Jamestown Arts Center

The global cinematic experience is back at the Jamestown Arts Center. Join with film enthusiasts from around the region for the screening of the 26th annual Manhattan Short Film Festival, which runs from September 29 to October 7. 

Held simultaneously in more than 500 locations across six continents, the Manhattan Short Film Festival is a beloved tradition for cinephiles worldwide–and the JAC is the only location for the event in Rhode Island. 

Lisa Utman Randall, Interim Executive Director of the JAC, expressed her enthusiasm for this unique cinematic experience, stating, “The JAC is excited to welcome Manhattan Short audiences back into the gallery for this annual event that transcends borders and brings the world’s best short films right here to Jamestown.”

The Jamestown Arts Center will host four screenings: Friday, September 29, Saturday, September 30, Friday, October 6 and Saturday, October 7, each at 7 pm. The same program of short films will run each date.

The ten short films in this year’s festival hail from seven countries including Australia, Afghanistan, Finland, Iran, Switzerland, UK and Canada and three films from the US. The films are: Sunless (USA), Voice Activated (Australia), Yellow (Afghanistan), Tuulikki (Finland), The Family Circus (USA), Career Day (USA), Snail (Iran), The Record (Switzerland), The Stupid Boy (UK), Soleil De Nuit (Canada).

Audience members are the judges in this global film-festival and JAC movie-goers will be given a ballot to cast their vote for Best Film and Best Actor Awards. Votes are sent back to Manhattan Short headquarters and winners will be announced in October. 

To attend, purchase $10 tickets online at Advance tickets purchased online are recommended as this event sells out.




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