Opening Day of Trout Season is Set for April 13; DEM has Stocked 60,000 Fish in Over 100 Waterbodies

As the signs of spring begin to bloom across Rhode Island, one annual tradition eagerly awaited by anglers is the Opening Day of the trout season. Scheduled for Saturday, April 13, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) has been diligently preparing for this event by stocking over 100 freshwater locations, including special children’s-only ponds, with a whopping 60,000 fish comprising brook, brown, rainbow, and golden rainbow trout.

In an exciting addition for this year, Gorton Pond in Warwick will be among the stocked locations, promising new fishing opportunities for enthusiasts. A comprehensive list of stocked waters can be accessed here. It’s important to note that fishing in all trout stocked waters is strictly prohibited until the official Opening Day. Additionally, during this period, anglers are not allowed to keep any trout or salmon they may catch, even in non-trout stocked water bodies.

DEM emphasizes the significance of adhering to these regulations, stressing that poaching not only undermines the experience for law-abiding anglers but also disrupts the delicate balance of fish populations. The temporary closure leading up to Opening Day allows DEM’s dedicated fisheries staff to efficiently stock fishing areas statewide and provides the stocked trout ample time to acclimate, ensuring a more equitable opportunity for all anglers.

Director Terry Gray of DEM expressed appreciation for the tireless efforts of the Freshwater Fisheries Team, highlighting their commitment to maintaining abundant fishing opportunities throughout the year.

For anglers with a keen eye and a bit of luck, catching a golden rainbow trout on Opening Day or until May 6 offers an extra incentive. Those who manage to reel in this prized fish can qualify to receive a coveted golden trout pin. To claim this reward, anglers simply need to capture a photo of their catch and email it to for verification before May 6, 2024.

As anticipation builds for the trout season kickoff, DEM also urges anglers to prioritize personal safety, especially given the recent above-average rainfall, resulting in raised water levels and swift currents in many water bodies across the state. Anglers, particularly those venturing out in boats, are reminded to wear life jackets or personal flotation devices (PFDs) at all times, in compliance with new boating safety regulations introduced by DEM in response to previous accidents.

Furthermore, anglers are advised to guard against hypothermia, especially in colder weather conditions, by dressing appropriately in layers and recognizing the symptoms, which include shivering, confusion, and shallow breathing.

For those planning to participate in trout fishing, a 2024 fishing license and trout conservation stamp are mandatory for anglers aged 15 and above. Detailed information regarding regulations, creel limits, and fishing licenses is available through DEM’s resources, including their website and field offices.

As anglers gear up for a memorable start to the trout season, DEM emphasizes the importance of responsible angling and conservation efforts to preserve Rhode Island’s natural resources for generations to come.




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